Dassault Systèmes eDrawings viewer is a great free piece of software that I regularly use to share representations of my 3D models with clients.

Once you’ve opened the model in the eDrawings app you’re able to interrogate the model in much the same way as you would in SolidWorks.

Adding notes and annotations are easily achieved. Edited eDrawings can be saved and even emailed. Communicating and discussing your design intent with suppliers, staff and customers has never been easier.

There is also a great eDrawings iPad & iPhone app to support you whilst out on the road.

Some of the many features include the ability to –

  • Rotate & zoom in or out.
  • Mark-up, add notes, comments & stamps.YouTube
  • Hide / show and make parts transparent.
  • Play motions studies & animated views.
  • Create cross-sections through parts & assemblies.Download eDrawings free
  • Take dimensions, including area, volume &  mass.

3DVia Viewer

Dassault Systèmes free 3DVia Composer Player allows you to view any native content created using 3DVia Composer.

Where as the eDrawings view is geared towards clients being able to interact with SolidWorks files during the design phase, the 3DVia Composer player follows on and allows the end user to interactive with support documentation in a truly dynamic and engaging way.


Download Free 3DVia Viewer


DraftSight is a proprietary freeware 2D CAD product for engineers, architects, designers, drafts-people  students and educators. The product was developed by Dassault Systèmes and lets users create, edit and view DWG and DXF files.

On the occasions when I’m sent 2D CAD drawings to work from, typically from truck manufactures, I use DraftSight to view and clean-up the drawings, prior to importing into SolidWorks.

If you’re new to 2D CAD design and drafting, I would encourage you to download DraftSight and give it a go. Previously I used expensive software packages such as AutoCAD or CorelDRAW and although great applications, DraftSight has all the functionality I require for my current workflow.


DraftSight Overview

DraftSight is great for –

  • Create 2D drawings.
  • Viewing, update and maintain .dwg and .dxf files.Download DraftSight for Free
  • Create PDF files.

What’s more it’s FREE and there is a great support community to help when you’re starting out.

Adobe Reader

Part of the Adobe Acrobat Family, their free reader allows you to view, print, sign and comment on PDF documents.

Installing and keeping your Adobe Reader up to date will ensure you’re always able to open and interact fully with your PDFs., including filling out forms, multimedia & manipulating 3D models.

You can also download the free Reader mobile app to view and interact with PDF files for free on Android™ and iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones.

Free Adobe Reader