Big plans for my Clone R1 Beta !

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The Clone R1 BETA is an open source Core XY printer designed and built by Carl Raffle. I’ve been running my printer for just over 6 months and although I’m had some problems, it’s a very capable printer.

Like many of us in the 3D printing community, I’m always looking for ways to improve my printers. The first thing to be upgraded was the stock active cooling. I moved from box fans to 51mm blowers, custom ducting and 360 degree shrouds. The STL files can be downloaded from Youmagine.

At the same time I added filament oilers to reduce cold zone jams. I’m now able to print PLA reliably  (see the dual colour print of  Loubie’s wonderful Aria The Dragon below)

Aria The Dragon (for dual extrusion) by loubie

The next big upgrade on the table is replacing the canter leaver Z-Stage. The first prototype is in build and will be tested shortly… more on that later.


The Big Plan


Rather than just working through the issues I feel need resolving, over the Christmas break, I decided to stop, stand back and decide where I ultimately wanted to take the printer.

This is what I’m hoping to do…


  • Fully enclose and insulate the printer
  • Standalone temperature controlled build chamber, hopefully without any patient infringements.
  • Move to water cooling for the extruder’s cold zones.
  • Water cool the extruder stepper motors or move to Bowden filament drive.
  • Incorporate Tunell 3D Filament Monitors from Toybuilders Lab
  • Move to E3D for extruder components.
  • Incorporate OctoPrint for print management and remote monitoring.

Any comments, thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Be sure to sign up below to follow my progress.

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